Ahhhhh Screw it!

I bought a kitchen set for Kenna and Chaylee for Christmas. It seemed like the right thing to do. Kenna is always envious of other children and their culinary toys and tends to tantrum when pulled away from said activities. I figured we would purchase it at home and have it shipped down to be assembled in Sydney.

Life without a car is not easy, and neither is life without power tools. When Mike and I opened up the kitchen set, I assumed SOME assembly would be required. SOME ASSEMBLY! I did not realize I would be responsible for piecing together hundreds of parts by hand with nothing but a rusty Phillips Screwdriver and a vague pictorial manual. I knew I was hosed when I glanced through the instructions and saw steps 1-30. There was no way I was going to take this project on without some power tools. Kenna would have to wait.

At play group I met a very sweet mother of twins.  She invited me over for tea and we discussed life with children, life before children and what life would be like after the children had moved on. We also ate biscuits (a.k.a. cookies). During the visit I noticed she had an elaborate kitchen set up for the twins.  I mentioned my own kitchen quandary and she offered to let me use their new battery operated, rechargeable, red screw driver. It was part of a larger matching tool set and even came equipped with 8-10 different heads. Great, right? I marched home determined to have my way with the kitchen.

I wrestled with it.

It taunted me.

I said mean things to it.

I could almost hear its sinister laugh.

I grabbed a beer.

It pointed at me and called me a sissy.

Such comments only empowered me…I noticed however, that near the end of the battle, my trusty battery operated, rechargeable, red screwdriver was slowing down.  I figured it was a battery issue so I promptly plugged it in. It was still a little slow. Three more screws and victory would be mine. I held the screw driver in the air…

“I ain’t quitten you!!!!” I cried out.

My inspirational language must have done the trick…a twist here, a turn there and the kitchen was done! Unfortunately, so was the screw driver.

I tried to revive her. I charged her. I sought counsel (Mike). We removed her innards (the battery) and reinserted. We charged her again! How could this happen? What did I do wrong? Was this the work of the kitchen? Was it all a part of her evil scheme? What if no one in the neighborhood trusts me from now on? What if I am the talk of playgroup? What if King Edwards is the Wisteria Lane of the Southern Hemisphere and this incident becomes a colossal scandal?

For those of you who are followers of Christ, please pray for me. I am bringing Victoria a replacement screwdriver of comparable value today, but it is not the same as the original. Pray that she responds with the national mantra, “no worries”.  She spent time in London though, and I am not sure how much the POHM’s rubbed off on her.

Poll: If you were Victoria, how would you want me to handle the situation?

Factoid: Victoria used to play Professional Net Ball in Sydney.

Word of the Day: Drongo–a stupid, inept, awkward or embarrassing person, a dimwit or slow-witted person.

Aussie/T-Town Hybrid: I don’t wanna be a drongo, feel me?

Shout out: Happy Birthday Young James! Aunt Hevy misses you more than you know.

Next Episode: Carless Whisper: The thrilling tale of life on the pram.