Heart and Sound LLC

I once tried to work my way through the book,  The Artist Way.  The journey turned out to be a bit of a train wreck. I wasn’t in the right headspace to explore my heart.  My morning pages typically started out strong then devolved into rants about my ineptitude.  I realized however, through the process that  I associate artistry of all kinds (particularly music)  with disappointment and mild depression. As a result, I have spent years trying to be anything but the creative type.

But, after being encouraged by my spouse to venture back into the wild, I took a class and found that I down right love painting.   I am still amateur hour, but at least the hour is enjoyable. I recently got up the courage to set up an ETSY page. I still question the decision, but here is the link just in case you fancy the Seahawks, or just really feel like you need a giant flamingo on your wall. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Heatherleelovely

I am not posting the ungodly amount of paintings here that did not work out, but I plan to at some point.  Having those in those in the mix would make the journey you see below more authentic and interesting…not to mention hilarious.

In addition to putting paint to canvas, I have been returning to one of my first loves, public speaking.  Give me an audience and a microphone and I am a new and improved woman.  At least until they pry me off the mic kicking and screaming. I find very few things as liberating as engaging an audience and bringing them some degree of joy. One on one, I tend toward the awkward.  Hence the name of the company….HeART and Sound.  We will see what happens.   One foot in front of the other I guess…



my first painting and then some… 







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