My Mom

It was Chay’s Australian Birthday. Chay baby and I dropped off Kenna at school and headed to Chatswood to pick up a birthday treat and a few things for her little party ! It was a lovely morning. The sun was shining, the leaves were falling, and the town was bustling. Heaven.

My bliss was interrupted by a large camera, a boom mic and a smallish woman with a clipboard.

“Hello, we are from the Today Show (AU) and we are asking people to give shout outs to their mums. Would you like to say something to your mum?” Slightly stunned by the opportunity, I explained that my “mum” lives in the US and so I may not be the best candidate. They instructed me to “ave a go” anyway.

They had no idea what it was they were asking me to do. Before I was able to utter a single syllable, a lump the size of a melon emerged in my throat. I knew I was in trouble.

“Crap,” I said. “I don’t know if I can do this. I am crying already.”

They appeared moved.

“Go on”, the smallish one said. “What do you love about your mum?”

“What don’t I love…..” It was a strong start, but what began as a moving tribute became an unintelligible slew of guttural utterances. You see, I am completely incapable of crying and speaking simultaneously. Those of you who know me know this is true. It is sort of a cross between Yoda and Sloth from Goonies. The tears were magnificent. You would have thought I had just returned from her memorial.

The crew seemed more concerned then moved at this point and so I brought my deluge of emotion to an end and walked away. Much to my chagrin, the tears continued. I looked very unstable as I navigated the streets of Chatswood.

Mom, it appears I love you. And evidently I miss you more than is normal. I pray that one day when my daughters are older and asked to express how they feel about me, they too will crumble publicly. It is an honor to be yours. You are the kind of woman I am trying to become and….it appears I cannot type and cry all at once either.

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy.

Your baby girl,

Flow Pow



4 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Heather this bring tears to my eyes just reading this. I too feel the exact same way about my Mum! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to you!! ❤


  2. Oh My Gosh Honey, I too am typing through tears. You DO have such an amazing, intense bond (YOU, your Mama and Kirsten) that I am always in AWE of everything that comes out of your mouths towards each other….. TRULY!!! I am a blessed woman because you ALL have touched my life in a profound way. I am a blessed woman to have had the Mom I did. There is much to continue to pass on to my own precious daughter and her children. Thank you for sharing your touching, transparent moments with all of us!! Sadly this IS the first year without my Mama. There are truly not enough words to describe all the feelings that go into losing your mother, so many levels of connection there. I just got home from the cemetery to deliver flowers. I know she’s not there but I couldn’t let the stone that bears her name be without flowers to honor her. Just 1 bouquet amongst a sea of beautiful flowers honoring Mom’s this weekend. BLESSINGS AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY HONEY!!! And Blessings to all the Mother’s reading your posts 🙂


  3. Sweet Lynn. I wish I could hug you right now. I love you so and can’t imagine how tough it is to keep moving through the world without your momma. She must have been extraordinary to have given life to you. It sounds trite, but I really mean it. Can’t wait to see you again.


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