We have witnessed some of Australia’s most catastrophic and momentous events during our time here in Sydney.  The Sydney Duststorm of 09, I’m Sorry Day, The Labor Party spill which put into power Australia’s first female PM, the Black Saturday Victorian Bushfires, the Queensland Floods and the category 5 Cyclone Yasi which devastated parts of Far North Queensland.  The most recent, and perhaps the most horrific event to dominate Australia’s headlines was the recent earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand.  The neighboring  nations may be fierce rivals, but they also consider each other  family and hearts are breaking all around Australia for their Kiwi friends and neighbors .

“Mike…Mike!!!!!  The sky is red!  The sky is red!   Wake up!  The sky is red!”

  (Ruddy Gets emotional)

(Ruddy gets even more emotional 🙂

  Sworn in by a POHM.  I can do a great Julia impression.  We prefer Ruddy.  He’s more tender.

Anna Bligh for Prime Minister! Tremendous leader amidst trying circumstances.


One thought

  1. heather you have blessed me today, sat here singing ‘we are australian’ with a video clip i would never otherwise have seen – thank you soo much, i love my country (and yours)


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